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The Official Shanghai Travel Website

The website of www.meet-in-shanghai.net, directly subordinate to Shanghai Municipal Tourism Administration, is an authoritative Shanghai travel information platform recommending Shanghai tourist attractions, hotels, venues, conferences, exhibitions and festivals, and an official website providing domestic and overseas tourists and planners of conferences and exhibitions, incentive travel, exhibitions and various activities with professional Shanghai MICE information.

The website is maintained by professional information editors, designers, background maintainers and ranking optimization teams. Contents are constantly updated. According to Shanghai¡¯s major annual festivals, cultural and sporting events, the relevant special topics are made, such as: F1, Shanghai 7, tourism festival, art festivals, New Year¡¯s Day and so on.

The English version of www.meet-in-shanghai.net is the only official English website of Shanghai Municipal Tourism Administration as well as Shanghai tourism sector portal website in English. Currently, it ranks 7th when searching with ¡°shanghai¡± as the keyword on www.google.com.