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Shanghai International Conference Management Organization (hereinafter referred to as ¡°SICMO¡±) was established in August 1984 as a directly affiliated undertaking institution of Shanghai Municipal Tourism Administration. Formerly known as ¡°Shanghai Tourism Promotion Center¡±, it aims to help Shanghai Municipal Tourism Administration get engaged in tourism promotion. In December 2003, it was renamed ¡°Shanghai International Conference Management Organization¡± and has been dedicated to urban MICE promotion and urban tourism publicity.

SICMO has developed with the promotion of Shanghai¡¯s tourism and exhibition, witnessed the take-off of Shanghai¡¯s tourism industry in the last 10 years, directly participated in its construction, and also cultivated a young, professional and energetic team with an international vision. More than 90% of team members have university degrees or above.

In order to better promote Shanghai¡¯s MICE and provide better market guidance service, SICMO works with various exhibition venues, domestic and international airlines, domestic and foreign-funded hotels, tourism enterprises, educational institutions, industry associations, multinational corporations and other industry institutions to integrate various tourism resources in Shanghai, and has established three major functional service platforms of publicity and promotion platform, MICE professional information service platform and market guidance platform.

Main Responsibilities
¡°Extending government functions, providing public services, exploring MICE market, and building the city¡¯s image¡±, which mainly includes urban MICE promotion and urban tourism promotion.

Urban MICE Promotion

Function of Promoting and Soliciting Urban MICE and Festivals
Assisting Shanghai Municipal Tourism Administration in arranging exchanges with relevant international associations: After joining the International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA) in 2001, SICMO has coordinated with Shanghai Municipal Tourism Administration to strengthen exchanges and learning with ICCA, got dedicated to building Shanghai¡¯s image as a meeting destination, worked with ICCA to hold a series of seminars and trainings in Shanghai to enhance the professional level of Shanghai¡¯s conference tourism industry. Currently Shanghai¡¯s rank among ICCA conference cities has grown from No. 37 in 2005 to No. 21 in 2010. SICMO actively coordinates with Shanghai Municipal Tourism Administration to cooperate with the International Festivals Association (IFEA), the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), the Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) and other international institutions.

Assisting Shanghai Municipal Tourism Administration and uniting MICE enterprises to participate in industry exhibitions: To enhance the Shanghai¡¯s image as a MICE destination and promote international exchanges and cooperation, SICMO assists Shanghai Municipal Tourism Administration and unites MICE enterprises to participate in the European and International Business Incentive Travel Expo (EIBTM), Worldwide Exhibition for Incentive Travel, Meetings and Events (IMEX), Asia-Pacific Incentive Travel Expo (AIME), China (Beijing) International Business & Incentive Travel Expo (CIBTM), Incentive Travel & Conventions, Meetings China (Shanghai) (IT & CM China) and other international professional MICE exhibitions.

Employing Shanghai Conference Ambassadors: since 2006, SICMO has been helping Shanghai Municipal Tourism Administration choose Shanghai Conference Ambassador and its routine maintenance. As of 2012, SICMO has employed 81 experts in various industries as Shanghai Conference Ambassadors, and worked with them to compete for and assist in holding international conferences, and providing information and consulting as well as other professional support.

Actively competing for holding international conferences: In the past few years, SICMO has assisted the relevant personnel to successfully win bid for a dozen medium-sized international conferences held in Shanghai, including the 16th International Pediatric Nephrology Conference in 2013, 2013 Asia-Pacific Conference on Digestive Week, and 2013 Annual Meeting of International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA).

Providing support for professional incentive travel activities: ICMO has always assisted companies and associations, integrated meetings in Shanghai and provided advisory services and support for MICE-related activities.¡£
Assisting professional buyers in inspection and improving the city¡¯s image as a professional incentive tourism destination: SICMO assists Shanghai Municipal Tourism Administration in receiving and supporting meetings and incentive travel groups and media buyers and other related services.

Function of Collecting, Analyzing and Releasing Information about the Mice Industry
Establishing MICE industry database: SICMO has worked with Shanghai Municipal Tourism Administration to establish the international and domestic MICE tourism promotion database, including the database of international and domestic MICE enterprises in Shanghai, the database of incentive travel enterprises and other over 6,000 pieces of data in 8 major categories.

Conducting MICE researches: SICMO goes deep into market, relies on specialized databases channels, actively carries out researches on meetings and incentive travel market segments to collect, collate and analyze information and data, and timely releases free Shanghai Incentive Travel Market Report, Shanghai International Conference Market Report, and ICCA Annual Report (Chinese version) each year.

Collecting and releasing information about exhibitions, festivals and sports events: SICMO has always been responsible for collecting, summarizing, collating and releasing information and data about international conferences, exhibitions, events, cultural and tourism festivals held in Shanghai, counting international association conferences held in Shanghai and submit to the International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA) to enhance Shanghai¡¯s rank among ICCA world conference cities.

Function of publicizing MICE
Monitoring, publishing and maintaining information on the MICE website: SICMO has always been responsible for updating, monitoring and maintain network information on the official MICE website (www.meet-in-shanghai.net) of Shanghai Municipal Tourism Administration, and timely releasing news and dynamics of the MICE industry, Shanghai international conferences, exhibitions, tourism and cultural festivals and sports events, and other information. The official Shanghai MICE website was established in 2005 and has become an information portal website of Shanghai MICE. At present, it is presented in 5 languages including Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean and French. Hits of Chinese and English website reach over 3 million people-times per month.

Launching urban e-marketing and expanding network coverage: SICMO fortnightly publishes Chic Shanghai E-Newsletter, and issues Chic Shanghai Shanghai E-magazine bimonthly to publicize urban MICE resources and consulting by means of online e-journals, and regularly sends to more than 4,000 domestic and overseas buyers and industry professionals.

Function of guiding MICE market and constructing standards
In order to standardize and promote the orderly development of conference service enterprises, SICMO assisted Shanghai Municipal Tourism Administration and Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision to stipulate Shanghai local standards of Serial Standards for Conference Operation and Service. Shanghai local standards of Management & Service Standard of Conference Industry Part 1: Conference Organizers was released on September 20, 2012. SICMO would carry out follow-up grading work according to the standards.

Urban Tourism Publicity and Promotion

Function of publishing tourism segment market research, analysis and reports
SICMO goes deep into market, actively investigates tourism market segments, and carries out statistic, organization and analysis of information and data, and timely releases industrial reports and information freely to relevant subdivided industries so as to lead the development of the market segments.

Releasing research, analysis and reports of Tourism segment market.

Outbound Tourism Market Report, Rural Tourism Research Report, Medical Tourism Research Report, Cruise Tourism Research and Development, Popular Science Travel Report, and Travel Insurance Express

Constructing and maintaining market segment channels and databases. SICMO has gradually established 10 major categories of databases in the past few years, including medical tourism database and channels, cruise tourism database and channels, travel insurance database and channels, outbound tourism database and channels, foreign tourism offices in China or travel agencies database and channels, company buyers database, attractions-class enterprises database, tourism without barriers database and others with nearly more than 20,000 pieces of data.

Function of publicizing and promoting urban tourism: external publicity and activity promotion
Maintaining ¡°Dissemination Project¡±:Since 2001, SICMO has responded to external publicity proposed by the municipal Party committee and municipal government to carry out ¡°Dissemination Project¡± via a full range of carriers, including press releases, print media, film and TV, Internet and other smooth information channels to provide foreigners in China with useful, timely and comprehensive information services so as to let them have more comprehensive and accurate understanding of Shanghai.

Expanding and managing tourism publicity material shelves:Commissioned by Shanghai Municipal Tourism Administration, SICMO assists Shanghai Municipal Tourism Administration to place tourism publicity material shelves in lobbies of 4 and 5-star hotels in Shanghai to provide numerous tourists with free tourist publicity materials. After years of gradual expansion, window units with tourism publicity material shelves in the city have totaled 320, distributed in Shanghai starred hotels, Pudong and Hongqiao Airport, Shanghai Railway Station, communities for foreigners, tourist attractions, district and county tourism consulting centers and consulates in Shanghai, etc.

Delivering tourism publicity materials: For over a decade, SICMO has delivered 10 million copies of Shanghai tourism publicity materials each year at home and abroad without any charge. There are a total of about 100 varieties in 10 languages. SICMO has been awarded the title of ¡°Advanced Unit of External Publicity of Books and Periodicals in Shanghai¡± issued by Information Office of Shanghai Municipality.

Researching demands for tourism publicity materials: SICMO insists on checking and investigating deeply in each unit with material shelves to sort out and analyze the collected information. Each quarter, it regularly compiles Brief Report to deliver to Shanghai Municipal Tourism Administration and all units with material shelves for publicity and exchanges. SICMO has established a long-term communication mechanism with all units with material shelves. The units monthly deliver travel demand survey forms to domestic and overseas tourists to learn about different needs of tourists and provide reference for designing targeted tourism publicity materials.

Managing and maintaining external publicity material warehouse: SICMO helps Shanghai Municipal Tourism Administration establish and manage tourism publicity material warehouse, and gradually improves the warehousing, logistics delivery mechanisms and channel management system.

Function of integrating and promoting tourism: cruise travel, medical travel and travel insurance
¡°Shanghai Cruise Tourism Market Promotion Task Force¡±:SICMO assisted Shanghai Municipal Tourism Administration and worked with 16 units, including relevant port inspection departments, relevant county tourism bureaus, cruise terminals, cruise companies, and 33 members to set up Shanghai Cruise Tourism Market Promotion Task Force in 2011, establish the coordination and communication mechanism of ¡°common platform for government and enterprises, joint action of municipal and district governments, active cooperation with the customs and three inspections¡±, and promote rapid and orderly development of cruise tourism market and the industry.

Loose Union of ¡°Travel Insurance Advisory Group¡±: SICMO assisted Shanghai Municipal Tourism Administration and China Insurance Regulatory Commission Shanghai Bureau, and worked with 12 members of Shanghai insurance enterprises, aid agencies and travel agents in 2009 to jointly propose to set up a loose union of ¡°Travel Insurance Advisory Group¡± to establish market confidence, strengthen market publicity and service support, and promote integration and development of travel and insurance.

Shanghai Medical Tourism Market Task Force (Preparatory): SICMO plans to establish ¡°Shanghai Medical Tourism Market Task Force¡± with Shanghai medical units in Shanghai to lay a foundation for positive development of medical tourism, to actively promote Shanghai medical service and technology publicity, and to enhance international popularity. Meanwhile, to meet the development requirements of post World Expo city of Shanghai, it innovates and develops the modern service industry in Shanghai to attract more overseas tourists.

Function of guiding tourism market trends
Utilize conventions and exhibitions, subdivide themes, and guide industry development: outbound travel, rural tourism, travel insurance, cruise tourism, conference tourism, and business travel... In the past few years, SICMO has successfully hosted the following brand exhibitions:
World Travel Fair (WTF)¡¢Travel Risk Management Forum (TRMF)¡¢China Business Travel Forum (CBTF)¡¢China Business Travel Forum (CBTF)¡¢ Yangtze River Delta Rural Tourism Forum (RTF) ¡¢ China International Meetings and Conferences Forum ¡¢Tourism Festival Symposium (TFS)¡¢China International Rehabilitation without Barriers Expo and Conference (CIRWB)

Shanghai International Conference Management Organization
Director: Patrick Chen
Deputy Director: James Zheng
Deputy Director: Nicky Xu

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